Carnivore Diet Update - Day 21

Diet Update and Recap

📅 21 Apr 2021

This is day 21 of my 21 days (originally 30) of the carnivore diet. This is the final entry. You can start from the beginning here.

Update - Day 21

Last day

I have held out on this recap for far too long… but first, my last day on the diet:

My last day was 5 days ago now. I had a breakfast of all meat and celebrated at lunch with an amazing cheeseburger (with a bun), waffle cheese fries, and a sweet coffee drink. Frankly, this was amazing.

Throughout the last day, my stomach continued to have problems

Diet recap and general thoughts

OK, so I said from the beginning that I wasn’t a fan of this diet. But, I felt the need to do it so I could accurately speak on it from a non-scientific perspective.

Right up front, I can’t recommend this diet simply for the toll it took on my stomach. The entire three weeks my stomach was in knots and my bowels were a mess. I read that this typically lasts for two weeks on the diet but mine continued into the third week. This is not OK.

The other issue was energy levels but this only lasted 3-4 days.

There are other issues pointed out about this diet mainly both overall nutrition and well-being. I really can’t speak on this because I’m not a scientist, doctor, or nutritionist. I will say that if I ever do this again, for this reason I will limit it to one month. I really don’t think you can do that much damage to your body in a month on a diet like this.

Weight wise, I did drop about 7 pounds but that may have all been water weight. I did notice that I was generally leaner. However, I was already losing weight and getting leaner before the diet.

Overall, you do you. I don’t like recommending things so I’ll let you make up your own mind based on the above and your own research.

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