Removing the .html extension from url - Netlify version

Netlify's built-in option for removing common extensions from URLs

📅 07 Mar 2021

I wanted to provide a quick addition to the excellent post from Kev Q about removing the HTML extension from your website URL.

As outlined there, this can be a common and ugly issue. In fact, the most recent site I built, Moore Films, had the issue until I read his blog and remembered to check it.

You can follow the steps in Kev Q’s blog post. He obviously knows what he’s talking about.

If you use Netlify, however, there is potentially an even easier solution. I don’t know how recent this is, but Netlify has a built-in option to remove common extensions from your websites URL.

First, head over to your sites “site overview” page.

Next, click “site settings”:

This will bring you to the site settings overview page.

Next, click on “Build & Deploy”

Then, scroll down until you see the “Asset Optimization” section. Click “edit settings”

Finally, select whatever options you want. But, most importantly, “Pretty URLs”

There, wasn’t that easy?

Yes, there are other ways to do this, as outlined in Kev Q’s post. But, since I use Netlify, I figured I would use it to its fullest potential.


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