Question 4

A ten day exploration of some interesting questions - Day 4

📅 10 Feb 2021

This is day 4 of 10 exploring some interesting questions. Feel free to start at the beginning.

Day 4: Where am I making things more complex than they need to be?

This question is interesting for me because I think it alludes to another question I like:

“What am I currently optimizing for?”

I don’t mean to redirect or not answer the question at hand.

Let me explain.

I often makes things more complex when I lose focus on the goal. I find myself trying to do so many things that I get burnt out and end up not accomplishing anything.

It’s been particularly difficult lately because there are so many areas of my life I’m trying to address. Normally, I would not try to change so many things at once. And I think experts would agree.

But I look at where I was and where I would like to get to and I feel that I am taking the right path. I can work on the complexity though. For instance, my diet is very simple. I am eating a lot of the same healthy things I used to eat while refraining from any sweats, pizza, beer, mac and cheese, and ice cream. These were my go-to junk foods and I would routinely eat too much of them and try to use them as a pick-me-up after a hard day, both of which are particularly problematic.

It’s not like I was eating them as a reward. I was consuming garbage wanting it to make me feel better. It just doesn’t work that way.

OK, that’s diet. My sleep schedule, which is key for almost everything else in my life, is also very simple:

Every day. That’s extremely simple.

I think at least one area that I am making more complex than it needs to be is in my job search. I have yet to really hone in on a good strategy. Everything I’m reading and people are telling me is that I should start with companies, make a list of the top ones I would like to work for, and then go after them.

Instead, I am currently using the shotgun approach: sending as many applications as possible to as many companies as possible hoping something will stick. Now, don’t get me wrong, this can work. I’m just not sure it’s the best approach.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for today. I am going to focus on continuing to work on some of the things above and am excited for what the future holds.

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