Question 9

A ten day exploration of some interesting questions - Day 9

📅 17 Feb 2021

This is day 9 of 10 exploring some interesting questions. Feel free to start at the beginning.

Day 9: How would the type of person I want to become handle this?

This question seems to need some context. It doesn’t provide any so I will offer a scenario.

I am currently looking for a job as I have shared this before on my blog. So maybe I’ll approach this question from that angle? I think I will.

So, the person I want to become would do some things the same and some things different than what I am currently doing.

Ideally, I want to be a person with more focus, more drive, and stronger skills. That is my goal, on a high level. Other things are important for me as well. I love my family and I want to keep them above almost everything else. I won’t sacrifice time for them to “focus” on something else.

So I think the person I want to become would in general be more focused on this process.

Second, I think the person I want to become would be better able to parse out what’s important and what isn’t. I believe that one of the key skills we can learn in life is how to decide between what’s important and what isn’t. Obviously this changes all the time depending on our current life situation. But the ability to separate those things is evergreen.

Finally, the person I want to become would better be able to separate the process from life. There are days when I don’t really enjoy anything else I try to do because I know I have this big decision looming over me.

Those are my current thoughts right now. And, as always, they are subject to change.

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